International Smosher Notebook Project.


Have you ever wondered how to make Smosh know you exist? Maybe you’ve even tried to send them some mail but they never showed it on MWS. You’ve always wanted to show them how much they mean to you, share your story maybe, but have no way to demonstrate what they mean to you. The Smosher community is so vast, they can’t pay attention to every single fan out there. But you don’t want to stay an anonymous fangirl, you want to stand out from the crowd. You want them to know you’re out there and that they’re important to you.

That’s where the International Smosher Notebook comes in handy.

What is it?
The ISN is a simple notebook that will travel from country to country during a defined period of time. It will be divided by country and every participant will have a certain space to draw/write or do whatever they want on. Smoshers that participate can basically do anything they want in their allowed space, as long as they don’t damage the work of others, wreck the notebook and so on. Show us how Smosh affected your lives, how much they mean to you.

How does is work?
(I kind of suck at explaining so try to follow.)
I, Inès, will first buy a notebook. I will divide the notebook by countries, write a short introduction, then mail the project to another resident of my country (which is Canada). After every participant of my country has filed the space that was given to them, the last person to receive the journal will ship it internationally to the next nation on the list.
The last country to receive the notebook will be the US, as it is the country that Smosh resides in. The last person to receive the notebook will mail it to them and pray that they receive it!

How do I participate? 
To participate, all you have to do is message on here or on my other blog saying your name, your age, your country, what you’re planning to do it the notebook and if you’re willing to ship internationally or not. IF YOU’RE UNDER 18, please get the permission of your parents to ship internationally, as it is pretty costly. Unless you pay with your own money. Then I don’t think they give a shit.
A deadline will be set when more participants check in. I strongly recommend to follow both my blog and this one to get updates and news on how the project is going, the list of participants, etc.
At least one person per country has to be willing to ship internationally, or your country will not figure in the notebook.

Are there guidelines I need to follow?

    if you lose that notebook i will fucking murder you. I’m not kididng. 

  • Use your common sense.
    Don’t try to burn, spray paint, splatter food or roll over the notebook with your car. Don’t do anything that may damage your work or the work of others.

  •  Respect the work of other participants.
    This one is serious. If you’re going to paint in the notebook, paint on a separate sheet then glue it in afterwards. Don’t rip out pages of the notebook. Don’t spit on the work of someone else. Respect others if you want to be respected.

  • Do not send food, please.
    Even if you put in it a ziploc bag or something, it can open and ruin the whole journal.

  • While drawings and fanfictions are allowed, please don’t put anything too explicit in the notebook.
    Keep in mind that younger people will see what you put in the pages. We don’t want that thing to turn into porn. For example, a candid drawing of Ian giving a bath to Anthony is accepted. Drawing Ian and Anthony having sex in a bathtub is not. Same goes for fanfiction.

  • Pages used to promo your tumblr or twitter are NOT accepted.
    Of course, you can put your url somewhere on your page. Don’t write it over and over though.

    Don’t lend it to anyone. Don’t bring it anywhere. Don’t give it to your friend. STICK TO THE PLAN.

  • NO HATE.
    Don’t use the journal as a platform to say that Ian’s girlfriend sucks or that you think Anthony is fat and ugly or whatever. Remember that they are people like you and I, with feelings and that they will SEE whatever you put in that journal.

  • If you’re the person that lives in the USA that will mail the journal to smosh, message me for special instructions.

  • Have fun and be creative.

I’m lacking ideas. What can I put in the journal?
You could…
… draw something?
… write stuff?
… make a collage?
… make a mixtape of songs that make you think of smosh?
… scrapbook?
… tape a USB key containing a video that you made?
… draw a comic?
… make a movie poster?
… make bracelets or jewelry ?
… glue in pictures of you and your smosher friends?
… glue in pictures of you cosplaying?

These are just ideas. Everything is valid though, be creative!

Anything else?
It is strongly recommended to film yourself while you get the journal, do your thing in it and then mail it to the next person on the list, as a video commemorating all of you guy’s work will be put up once the notebook is sent to Ian and Anthony. Talk about how smosh affected you.  Where are you from? How long have you been a fan? What’s your favourite video? Why did you decide to participate? If you’re camera shy, just footage of your work in the journal, you receiving it and sending it back will do. You don’t even have to show your face if you don’t want to.

OK, I think I get it now. What if I have more questions?
Message me on here or on my other blog. The most asked or relevant questions will not be answered privately but posted on here, so pay attention!
If you’re going to post pictures of your work here, tag them ISNP and nothing else, please. We don’t want to spoil the surprise for Ian and Anthony don’t we?

All URL changes have to be advised on this blog, or else I won’t have any way to contact you and your inscription will be deleted. Thank you!

Those who are willing to record the video mentioned in the set of rules have to message me for further instructions. Thank you!

A deadline has been set for the inscriptions!
Everyone who wants to participate has to message me before July 16th, 2013. I will not accept inscriptions after that day.


(Thanks to ian-hecox for helping me write this and to youtuberwishingwell for pushing me through this.)

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